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lola odelola
The number 16 in birthday candles on a cake.
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Enhanced search experience and tracking protection top the bill of new features for our latest version, rolling out now on our Beta channel.

Samsung Internet 16 updates the Chromium engine and continues improving the user experience of the browser whilst also providing a privacy enhanced browsing experience. …

The avenues into web development are continuously expanding, from learning alone with online resources to completing a computer science or software engineering degree and everything in between. …

Recently I was working on my dissertation and came across an interesting problem with using the has_one association in Rails. But before we get into that, let’s take a step back to understand a little about how associations work in Rails.

A woman on big brother looking confused

Rails Associations

I’m not…

First-party vs. Third-party

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Web privacy is going through a renaissance, with pressure from all fractions of internet users, from activists to governments, we’re in a moment where web and browser developers are being forced to consider safer alternatives to online tracking. For example, Samsung Internet allows you to turn off third party cookies…

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As promised in my last post about dark mode, I bring you a dark mode tutorial 🌚. If you just want to see the code, a refactored version lives on Glitch. Let’s get straight into it.


This tutorial is beginner friendly but not if you’ve done absolutely no HTML, CSS…

An Introduction to Cookies

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Internet users are becoming cognisant of the ways we’re being followed and tracked online, the ways our behaviour is being analysed and data sold on to line the pockets of a the ad industry. Over the last few years, the news has been filled with debate about who truly owns…

A still from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. A close-up of Bane with the quote “You think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it.”
A still from The Dark Knight Rises.

I live in dark mode, any site that I can switch the light off for, I do. It’s easier on my eyes, I tend to find it more aesthetically pleasing and I’m having a far more pleasant digital experience now that dark mode is so prevalent. …

A woman peacefully sinking in a purple pool
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Last year, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD.

Inattentive ADHD is commonly referred to as an internalizing disorder, where the afflicted person is easily distracted, strains to remember simple things or become so focused on something that they fail to pay attention to anything else…

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When I first started learning to code, everyone wanted to build the next Facebook, then it was the next Instagram, Twitter, [insert your favourite platform here], etc. Many folks don’t just want to build a blog, they want to build the next big social media platform and while I have…

We all need a little encouragement from time to time, especially when computers insist on doing exactly what we tell them. Fortunately, you can manufacture your own cheerleader to deliver those small affirmations all developers need. …

lola odelola

@blackgirltech’s mum, published poet, coder, wanderer, wonderer & anti-cheesecake activist.

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